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NWGNA Meeting, 3/03
"Garage Sale!"

by Tom Smith, Secretary
March 2003

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
March 25, 2003
7 – 9 pm

Call to Order: 7:05 pm, Alison England, President

1. Introductions and Welcome – Alison England.

2. PAC meeting (Project Area Committee) – Alison England

There will be a meeting of the PAC (the governing body that oversees the SNI boards) on Wednesday, April 2, 2002 at the Roosevelt Community Center, 901 E. Santa Clara Street, 6:30 – 9:30 pm. The main topic of conversation is to understand how the approximately $140K – 160K of monies earmarked to spend on neighborhoods has been reallocated. Attendance and participation at the meeting is encouraged.

3. Tamien Specific Planned Community – Alison England

There has been a request for a public meeting of the Office of the Mayor, Councilman Ken Yeager’s office, the developer, and the community to discuss the Tamien high density building plan.

There is a proposal to develop the properties located at the Elk’s Club and Alma Bowl. Buildings which are 120 feet tall and comprised of 10 -12 stories are proposed to be built along the light rail corridor. It is estimated that both properties will add approximately 1200 new units and approximately 1800 – 2400 new vehicles to the area.

Many neighborhood associations object to the plan, including NWGNA. NWGNA will join the other associations and write a letter which explains our desire to change the general plan to a less dense alternative which is more neighborhood-appropriate. The membership discussed ways to be proactive and coordinate opposition to this plan with the other neighborhood groups.

Motion: NWGNA requests to meet with the Office of the Mayor, the Office of District 6 Councilman Ken Yeager, and the developer to understand and to voice concern regarding the high density Tamien plan proposal.

Motion: Harvey Darnell, Second: Annette Boyer, Result: Motion passed.

Motion: To form a committee to study and report back to NWGNA regarding the Tamien Specific Planned Community plan.

Motion: Jay Kreshel, Second: Annette Boyer, Result: Motion passed.

Jay Kreshel will lead this committee. Please contact Jay to join this committee:

4. One Percent Flood Zone Issue – Ed Rast

Ed reported progress in raising awareness of the flood control issue. Ed reported that the Office of Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, City Councilman Ken Yeager, the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association (WGNA), and the Water Board are now are aware of the need to resurvey the 1982 FEMA flood control map. Ed was able to meet with Tony Estemera, the At Large Representative for the district to the County.

Motion: NWGNA requests a section by section resurvey of the 1982 FEMA flood control Map. NWGNA will send a letter of support to promote the section by section resurvey.

Motion: Harvey Darnell, Second: Ed Rast, Result: Motion passed.

5. Neighborhood-wide Garage Sale – Alison England

The association wants to organize a neighborhood-wide garage sale. After a conversation regarding the format and the task necessary to hold a successfully organized event it was decided that the sale will be held:

SATURDAY, May 31st.

Alison England to head this effort for NWGNA. Debbie Palmer to set up a vmail box for the association to register and to track interested homeowners. Debbie to create a PDF file which Jay will print out for house-to-house distribution.

Motion: Garage sale participants will pre-register for the event without paying a donation fee. Flyers will be distributed prior to the event.

Motion: Harvey Darnell, Second: Ed Rast, Result: Motion passed.

6. NWGNA Neighborhood Plan – Alison England

The intent of documenting a neighborhood plan is to establish a neighborhood guideline for the City to keep on record as a pattern for what the neighbors feel is appropriate for their area. Some possible elements of this plan:

-trees and landscaping
-additional lighting
-code enforcement

Ed Rast volunteered to obtain copies of other neighborhood plans for us to review so we can develop our NWGNA plan.

7. July 4th Block Party – Ed Rast

NWGNA received $1925 of a $2700 Community Foundation Silicon Valley grant for the July 4, 2003 holiday block party. Harvey Darnell will chair this committee. Please contact Harvey at to join this committee. The committee currently consists of: Harvey , Annette, Judy, Ed, Dan, Montana. The committee will meet Monday, March 31st, 6:30 pm at Montana’s shop. To receive the monies we must submit an action plan and a budget by Monday, April 28th.

8. Neighborhood Development Classes – Alison England

Alison presented a list of twelve classes sponsored by the Neighborhood Development Center. Requires a minimum of three to five people to activate a class. There is interest in the following two classes:

- Asset Mapping
- Community Event Planning

The other ten potential class offerings:

-Developing an Action Plan -Community Involvement Tips
-Grant Writing for a CAP grant -Running Effective Meetings
-Organizing a Neighborhood Association -Basic Facilitation Skills
-By-Laws -Newsletters and Flyers
-Organizing Dumpster Days
-Effective Use of Technology

9. Public Safety

Residents voiced concern about the response time from public safety on February 7th. Residents described the "big drunken brawl" on Spencer Avenue and requested to know about the police response to this incident. Many motorists are running the stop sign at Coe and Delmas Avenues. There is graffiti on the bus stop at Atlanta and Bird Avenues.

Motion to adjourn at 9:05 pm Motion: Marc Bauman, Second: Debbie Palmer, Result: passed

NOTE: Every effort is made to present factual information in these notes. Should you know of an error or omission, please contact Tom Smith at

That's all, folks!

Copyright 2003