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NWGNA Meeting, 2/05
"Public Safety"

by Tom Smith for Dana Rysavy, Secretary-Treasurer
February 2005

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
February 22, 2005
7 – 8pm



1, Welcome and Introduction - Ken Eklund, NWGNA president 7:04

2. Police Report – Lt. Mike Ross
What's going on in the neighborhood? Officer's report and citizen input
- Public Safety reported a shooting on February 6th in the Alma area. There was a large VHS gang graffiti tag at the Gardner Center, and a retaliatory tag on the VHS tag. VHS is a gang tag meaning Varrio of the Horshoe. The tag and the retaliatory tag by a rival gang signal that the shooting may involve the local gangs.

- There was a shooting at Jerome and Willis February 9th. 4 rounds were fired into
the backyard of a house—no one was killed or injured.

* The police are requesting that residents continue to call in all suspicious activity.
The police rely upon the cooperation of an alert and engaged citizenry for the
policing effort to work optimally.

- To report graffiti issues please call 311.

- To download a list of registered sex offenders, please go to

- Police Liaison. Board member Heidi Le Vell will represent the neighborhood’s concern’s to Public Safety through regularly scheduled communications. She will be the NWGNA focal point to liaise with public safety.

3. Change our meeting location to Gardner Community Center? What do you think?
- A vote was taken and the issue was tabled for a future vote when more members are
present to vote on the issue in upcoming months.

4. Flood Zone - Mitigation at Hervey Lane - community meeting on Thursday Feb. 24.
6 pm at the Assyrian Church (680 Minnesota Avenue)
Learn about flood zone remediation from Water District people; speak your mind
Motion: To send a letter to Ken Yeager to support the investigation of the removal
of the railroad embankment to remediate the flood zone.
Motion: Gary Second: Dan Result: Passed.

5. Fourth of July Block Party - volunteer's meeting on March 5, 10 am at Willows Smokehouse Deli.
Volunteers of all kinds needed - help prepare, set up, conduct the event, clean up
Jim Moore and Annette Boyer are the co-chairs. Call Jim for info 297-0685

6. Quick Update: Two Little Delmas developments (on Delmas south of Willow).
Project #1: many problems; way out of scale with the neighborhood
Project #2: more sensitive to neighborhood, but density is troubling (10 units/acre)
Community meeting on Project #2: Monday, March 7, 6:30 pm at Gardner Comm Center

Action required:

Project #1: The community meeting was held. To make your opinion known, you can
email Ed Schreiner, the City Planner, regarding PDC04-092 and PDC04-099:
Ed’s phone number is: 277-4000.

Project #2: Check out the e-list and the neighborhood bulletin boards to check on
Upcoming public meetings where you can let your opinions be known.

7. Dumpster Day - after Garage Sale Day, May 21?
Got money, but no one to organize it.

A volunteer is needed or we cannot put on this event and will return the
Grant monies to the City.

8. No Neighborhood Improvement Day this month.
We're waiting for better weather!

9. Quick Update on Possible Ballpark across I-280.
Mayor sez yeah! - but tremendous obstacles still remain
Three sites identified: "Reed & Graham" "Del Monte Cannery" "South Diridon"
"South Diridon" site best for protecting North Willow Glen quality of life?
Harvey Darnell: Update on neighborhood leaders' meeting with Mayor

10. Quality of Life - Speak up about what bugs you, what works on your street.
On the minds of the residents at the meeting:
- Mini motorcycles on Fisk. These are not legal—please call the police.
- Clean outs being installed on Spencer Avenue
- Street replacements on Delmas between Virginia and Brown have begun!
- Speeding on Atlanta/Fuller an omnipresent issue.
- Speed bumps seem to work
- Illegal dumping
- Fix sidewalks
- Gutter/curb/sidewalk repairs
- Overparking of cars in front of houses

Meting Adjourned at 8:17 pm. Thanks, Tom

Volunteer to help out with the Fourth of July Block Party... see info above.

Get ready for the 2005 Neighborhood-Wide Garage Sale – May 21. Dumpster Day too, maybe.

Speak up on Flood Zone - attend the Hervey Lane meeting (see info above).

Little Delmas Developments: Neighbors are objecting to density and destruction of the street's vintage feel. Call planner Ed Schreiner regarding PDC04-092 and PDC04-099: 277-4000.

Connect with neighbors – join the NWGNA e-group.

2004-5 board:
President Ken Eklund
Vice President Harvey Darnell
Secretary/Treasurer Debbie Palmer and Dana Rysavy
Past President Tom Smith
Director Dan Erceg
Director Bill Halleck
Director Heidi Le Vell
Director Judi McComak
Director Jim Moore

Copyright 2005