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NWGNA Meeting, 2/02
"Hummingbird" Park Design
by the Secretary
February 2002

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
February 26, 2002
7 – 9 pm

Alison updated us on the removal of palm trees by Caltrans at the Bird and 280 intersection. She is contacting Rep Manny Diaz's office to see if further removal of vegetation can be stopped.

Steve Roemer of the SJ Parks and Recreation Department gave a report on "Hummingbird Park":

There will be a perimeter fence with the "Neighborhood fence" at the corner planting. Fences should be Federal green or black if not available to match other elements which will be Federal green. We asked for balls on the top of each fence post to make it feel period. There will be a sign in Front with old style look.

  • The Benches are antique style wood and cast iron benches in Federal green.
  • There will be 3 antique lampposts.
  • There will be a self-closing gate on Bird Av to prevent children running into traffic.
  • Playground surface will be a protective material or chips with a redwood look.
  • There will be 2 game tables with a checkerboard pattern on ground.
  • The group voted for playground equipment in colors of green brown and yellow and purple.
  • Poured rubber color ground surfaces should be browns and greens.
  • Garbage cans with metal lines and bands are our first choice as they have a more period feel.
  • There was a discussion of whether there should be a path at Bird Av. and Fisk. We voted to keep the two paths on the ends of the park and eliminate the Bird Av. and Fisk corner path.

This modified plan is to be presented to the Parks and Recreation Department for approval.

Alison talked about the SNI project implementation process and we will be meeting jointly with the Gardner and Gregory Plaza Neighborhood Associations next meeting.

Ken gave a traffic calming report:
The 4 way Stop sign is in at Delmas and Hull. On Delmas and Willow, bump outs and the center island are marked with another curb bump out on the right on Delmas with neighborhood signage. At Coe and Delmas there is a wide island marked in the middle of Delmas and an island marked in the middle of Coe. At the end of Hull and Bird there are bump outs marked. There are to be neighborhood markers at the 87 bridge on Virginia and at Virginia and Bird. Photo radar vans have appeared on Delmas and scheduled to appear on Hull. The speed trailers are appearing periodically on Hull and Delmas.

Debbie Rocha of Ken Yeager’s office talked about Lincoln Av. Planning.

Fuller Fence Painting Project will be Saturday 16. Montana offered to supply barbecue to the participants.

To report Abandoned Shopping Carts call 277-4000.

That's all, folks!

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