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NWGNA Meeting, 1/05
"Auzerais Ball Park"

by Tom Smith for Dana Rysavy, Secretary-Treasurer
January 2005

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
January 25, 2005
7 – 9 pm



Welcome and Introduction - Ken Eklund, NWGNA president

1. Police Report — Officer Gene

There were 4 officers who attended the meeting, Officer Gene spoke about recent policing actions.

- There have been some auto thefts of Saturn automobiles in the Del Mar area (6 stolen in the last 2 months).

- Call 911 if you observe gang activity or feel unsafe.

- Public safety is now monitoring the email postings on the WGNA e-list.

- After you call 311 to report a non-serious crime, you can request a "citizen contact" and an officer will come and speak to you.

- You can email and post information on the SJPD website:

- More police presence was requested in the parks, and residents requested officers to monitor the speeders on Bird Avenue.

-Lt. Ted Vasquez is retiring and requested that we continue to partner with Public Safety and stay vigilant, continue to look out for each other.

2. Neighborhood Improvement Day — Dan Erceg

Dan reiterated that these projects are projects that need to get done – if we do not complete them no one else will do it. This month’s N.I.D. is SUNDAY, January 30th.

Interested volunteers are requested to meet at Hummingbird Park at 9 am.

Sunday’s projects:

- Restore the torn pigeon netting at the Delmas Bridge (damaged by a tall truck).

- Saw the fallen branches that have recently fallen off the Fuller Park trees.

- Pull weeds at Bird and Atlanta

- Mow the weeds at Fuller Park

- Plant daffodils in the Bird Avenue median strip and other strips

-Dead-head the geraniums at the entrance to Hummingbird Park.

3. Fourth of July Block Party — Jim Moore and Annette Boyer

The first brainstorming meeting for the 4th of July party is scheduled for Saturday, March 5th at 10am, at the Willows Smokehouse Deli. Lots of volunteers are needed and you can contact Jim Moore to sign up at 408-297-0685.

4. Neighborhood-Wide Garage Sale — Ken Eklund

Mark your calendars and get ready to sell those extra items you may have. The date of the neighborhood-wide garage sale is : SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2005.

5. Flood Zone Mitigation at Hervey Lane — Ed Rast

The lower segment of the Guadalupe River Flood Control Project was recently completed.

Many residents in North Willow Glen pay flood insurance because they are in the flood zone. The boundaries of the flood zone cannot be changed until a new survey is completed. This survey is not expected to be completed until 2016.

There is development proposed at Hervey Lane. Hervey Lane creates a raised levee- like border in the current flood zone. The proposed development of homes on these parcels creates one of the boundaries of the current flood zone.

There was a discussion that the raised levee-like ground that creates this flood zone boundary at Hervey Lane could be lowered and the flood water would drop into the Guadalupe River. If this happens, some North Willow Glen residents would be removed from the flood zone and others would who are currently not in the flood zone would find themselves in the flood zone.

If you pay for flood insurance (or even if you don’t) you can get on the group email list to learn more about this issue. This website is

Action Item: Read the website and stay informed; attend upcoming community meetings on this issue.

Ed requested that those interested in land use issues to contact him as there are more than 31 developments to track.

6. Quality of Life Issue — Ken Eklund

There may be a ballpark built at the former Del Monte plant at Auzerais.

Yes, there are many steps that would have to happen IF this development would have to occur. Some of these steps are : a land swap of the former Del Monte plant with a parcel of land downtown would have to occur, there would have to be a city-wide ballot measure that voters would pass, and the team would have to move from SF or Oakland to SJ. Those present acknowledged that there are many steps if the ballpark is to become a reality and therefore, a ballpark at the former Del Monte plant was not likely to happen. There was also agreement that IF the steps to build the ballpark were to begin and gain momentum, that these steps could not occur very quickly. Councilman Ken Yeager believes that we do not have to worry about this possibility right now. So, we will remain informed and vigilant.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:05 pm. Thanks, Tom.

2004-5 board:
President Ken Eklund
Vice President Harvey Darnell
Secretary/Treasurer Debbie Palmer and Dana Rysavy
Past President Tom Smith
Director Dan Erceg
Director Bill Halleck
Director Heidi Le Vell
Director Judi McComak
Director Jim Moore

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