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NWGNA Meeting, 1/04
"Neighborhood Service Day"

by Dana Rysavy, Secretary-Treasurer
January 2004

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association
Word of Faith Church
May 25, 2004
7 – 9 pm



Call to Order: Tom Smith, 7:10

1. Introductions and Welcome

a. Cynthia – Delmas and Coe
b. Stephanie & Chuck Spencer and Atlanta
c. Andrew and Heidi – Coe
d. Rich - Spencer

2. Police Department Update – Ted Vasquez & Mike Crescini & Walt

a. Homicide this morning – Pine and Cottle. The suspect was caught today.

b. Gang activity is still on the raise. The change that’s happening is the violence is happening with a younger crowd verses an older crowd historically seen. Action is being taken. The officers are seeking additional information to solve cases. They are also working with schools.

c. Gang physical threats are generally targeted towards other gang members. However, theft may affect us all. For instance, leaving the car to warm up in the driveway in the morning is risky.


i. Report graffiti – get pictures before you paint over the graffiti. Supply the pictures to the police department.

ii. Call 911, not 311 to report suspicious behavior like young kids yelling out the car windows

3. Fuller Park Update – Tom & Dan

a. Located on Fuller Avenue between Bird to Delmas then along to Prevost. The land is adjacent to the Railroad.

b. Drawings were created. A community review will be scheduled.

4. Neighborhood 4th of July Party - Harvey

a. In 2003, funding was provided to host a party between Coe and Fuller. Children’s activities, ice cream, community booths were available. Ralph’s Smoke House served dinner.
b. Consider volunteer opportunities for yourself. People will be needed the day of the event and before hand for planning.

5. Neighborhood Service Day – Mike

a. The concept of having a periodic neighborhood service day scheduled was discussed. This would enable greater participation from the broader neighborhood.

b. People could contribute to the project list, possibly a 9-12:00 type of activity

c. The concept may take a little time to gain momentum

d. Communication could happen via word of mouth, put on meeting announcement postcard, use email list, announcement in WG Resident

e. Decided to schedule service day on the 2nd Saturday of Month, 9-12:00. Propose starting in March

6. Neighborhood Improvement Projects Update – Dan

a. Litter modules require painting

b. Fuller Plaza requires a mowing for weed abatement. Having 2-3 mowers and mowees, the project can be done in a day. This should happen within a month.

c. Traffic calming island fence building at Delmas and Willow –

d. Rebuild fence at Bird and Fuller

e. Hummingbird fence requires painting

7. Land Use Update – Harvey

a. Palm Haven front-loader garage. Residents are requesting the planners to rethink the plan and they would like NWGNA support. Harvey moves that we approve the letter after it’s read aloud. Ken seconds the motion. One opposed due to not wanting to dictate requirements to another neighbor.

b. Del Monte has another high-density building proposal to build at least 400 units.

c. Ed and Harvey are on a team meeting with planning and developers to update the community notification policy.

d. The RR track crossing Willow Street. A developer purchased a portion of the land. Project was put on hold.

e. In-Law apartment policy is back on the books for review.

f. The Albertsons site has requested a conditional use permit.

g. Alcohol sale at gas stations has been put on hold

h. Yellow Cab site is approved

i. AB935 – VTA can establish a transit district within half a mile from a transit zone. A tax can be applied to local residents. This is a complex topic not easily captured in notes. Please be aware of the bill and know our quick response is required if we want to repeal a request. The neighborhood has 30 day to repeal.

8. New Business

a. State of the city in 1/27/04. Tickets are available at the Mayors office.

b. The historical preservation society requested assistance with a survey of historical properties. NWGNA is interested in participating.

7. Next meeting – February 24, 2004 7-9:00
Possible agenda topics: Gang prevention
Fuller Park plans reviewed

2003- 2004 board:
President Tom Smith
Vice President Harvey Darnell
Secretary/ Treasurer Ken Eklund and Dana Rysavy
Past President Alison England
Director 1 Debbie Palmer
Director 2 Dan Erceg
Director 3 Mike Gaines

Meeting Adjourned: 8:45 pm

Copyright 2003