"NonStop World"

3-min video
Ken Eklund

Climbing the Himalayas is the metaphor and visual hook. We equate the IT professional’s struggle to get “continuous availability” with the climber’s struggle. The “don’t stop climbing” idea equates to “investment protection into the future”: to succeed, customers know they have to keep going up, and not backslide or make any lateral moves or in terms of their technology choices and investments.

“Continuous availability”is vital to the customer’s success, and the mountain-climbing metaphor supports that lives-at-stake urgency. We equate Compaq with the most direct (and only) route to keep moving into the future.

"NonStop World"
Simple title on black:

Compaq presents
Faint wind SFX.
High in the Himalayas.
Streamers of
windblown snow.
Gorgeous view.
Wind SFX.
Another mountainous view, closer.
Wind SFX, louder.
Another mountain view,
closer still.
SFX louder.
People are climbing
on the mountain.
VO: Don’t stop.
Never stop.

Medium shot of people climbing.
VO: The mountain is
your future.
Grab it.

Another shot of people
relentlessly ascending the mountain.
SFX begins (it’s faint):
busy hubbub of voices
(the Stock Exchange).
CU of climber’s face. He looks up. He gets a handhold. He keeps
VO: The way is open.
The path is clear.
Climbers climbing...
Voices SFX is growing louder.
...dissolves into a montage of
“NonStop World” image series: The Stock Exchange...
VO: “High” availability
isn’t high enough.

If it’s not continuous,
it’s not non-stop.
“NonStop World” images continue, pick up urgency: a foreign stock
exchange, a busy financial office,
people searching through
streams of information...
VO: If it’s not scalable,
it’s a dead end.
VO: Flexibility and
performance protect your investment. They are the
measure of commitment
...people you would not expect are
using the Internet; a PDA displays
news and stock prices.
VO: Non-stop reliability
wins trust –
and new markets.
Suddenly we’re back on the mountain; a climber
(in a red parka)
snaps in a carabiner;
they all continue
the relentless ascent.
VO: It’s a NonStop world.
Trust Compaq.
Keep going.
Engineers installing product:
CU on Himalaya NonStop badge
on box; hand opens box; we see
a processor board with the Alpha chip go into the box; hand shuts
the box and applies
“AlphaPowered” badge.
VO: Commitment: to
combine the world’s
microprocessor with
the world’s platform
of choice for
applications. To
ascend to new heights
of performance
and flexibility.

Pull back to see a whole row of NonStop boxes; a new one is being installed.
VO: Scalable,
field upgradable...
SFX begins,
gently at first:
urgent buzz of
human activity,
sounds of movement,
voices in many languages.
More “NonStop World” images, wider now in scope, faster, more urgent:
a woman buys a suitcase,
a plane takes off, lights light up, a card is swiped...
VO: Continuously available
to a continuous world.
A woman is making
a presentation.
She points along the NonStop Roadmap.
VO: Each step, higher.
The future, in sight.
The way is open.
The path is clear.

SFX: activity buzz grows
in urgency, intensity.
The “NonStop World” images accelerate: A clock reaches noon.
News cameras swing around. An ambulance. An antenna wheels
and points. A traffic light turns green. Stock Exchange blur.
People on cellphones. Money changes hands.
Streams of people.
Streams of Information.
A blur of numbers becomes a multipeaked graph...
VO: You can’t stop now.
It’s a NonStop world.
...which comes back to
gorgeous multipeak view
of the Himalaya mountains.
Snow blows off the peaks.

SFX back to
quiet wind.
Super big red Compaq logo over mountains.
VO: Compaq is here.
Plan your ascent.

Fade to black.
Faint SFX of wind.
Fade up on Climber, coated with ice, in the Himalaya computer room. Snowmelt off his back has left a big puddle.
SFX continue.
Stoic expression. He holds the badge that says “AlphaPowered”
up to the camera.
Huge grin.
SFX continue.
Fade out and end.
Wind SFX out.