Interactive Training: "Dear Lily "
for Atlas Island Media
Author: Ken Eklund

This script is the opening segment and first decision point of "Dear Lily," one episode in an interactive training package. Companies post the episodes on the intranet for employees to use. The episodes are simple and entertaining, and allow employees to self-test and self-explore business and social skills. The "Dear Lily" episode relates to conflict management.


Presenter explains:

As usual, the episode starts off with a scene that sets the stage regarding the current business objectives and "climate" at QuoMoDo. Also as usual, the episode begins with a voice-over (an interior monologue) by the protagonist – in this case, J.B. Books.

Episodes have a rhythm: you watch sequences (Flash movies - essentially a slide show with voiceover) until you reach a distinctive Decision screen. The sequences are non-interactive except for a VCR-type control that allows you to pause, quit, or start the sequence again.

Presenter now clicks the "Dear Lily" button, and the "Dear Lily" episode introductory sequence plays.

Scene 0

Title Splash Screen: "Episode 16: JB Books in "Dear Lily"

Scene 1

VISUAL: (Tomas, company CEO, looking official, delivering quarterly pep talk. He's sweating a bit; it's not good news)

Tomas: "In summary, then, we hope that this, ah, reorganization will help the bottom line for next quarter… "

Scene 2

VISUAL: (Tomas, company CEO, looking official, wrapping up quarterly pep talk)

Tomas: "The challenge to each of you is, to go with the flow, and keep on track towards meeting our current project milestones and deliveries, no matter what."

Presenter explains:

This ends the "Business conditions" vignette. Now we go into our protagonist's head, begin to role-play (she clicks to continue):

Scene 3

VISUAL: (JB, nostalgic) JB's hands holding office party photos. (People are drinking red wine.)

JB: "I was feeling pretty good. My team didn't lose any people. Our projects were on schedule. The wine stain had even come out of the carpet. Then Dorle stopped by."

Scene 4

VISUAL: (Dorle, making trouble) Dorle peeking into your cubicle. Uh-oh - she's the type that delights in delivering bad news.

DORLE: "(a bit evilly) Hey, JB! Two people transferred to your team. Somebody upstairs must like you..."

Scene 5

VISUAL: (JB, worried) JB looking at monitor, with vague alarm.

JB INTERNAL VOICE: "Sure enough, the email came in. 'Please welcome Trey Howard and Lily Noguchi...' Talented people. And my team could use the help."

Scene 6

VISUAL: (JB, still worried) JB striding down a corridor at QuoMoDo.

JB INTERNAL VOICE: "So why did I have this bad feeling?"

Scene 7

VISUAL: (Trey and Lily, angry) Trey in Lily's office. He's speaking harshly, she's glaring. They hate each other.

TREY: "(loud and harsh) Go ahead. I wish you would. You shoulda done it a long time ago."

Scene 8

VISUAL: (Trey and Lily, covering up) Trey in Lily's office. They have both turned and are giving you fake welcoming smiles.

LILY: "Mr. Books! I'm so excited to be on your team."

TREY: "Hello, Mr. Books."

JB: "(automatically) Call me JB, please..."

Scene 9

VISUAL: (JB, troubled) JB Portrait contemplative, looking wary.

JB INTERNAL VOICE: "So I met with Lily and Trey. Back in my office, there was voicemail from my boss."

AMEENA VOICEMAIL: "I hope Trey and Lily will be productive for you, JB."

Presenter clicks to continue:

Decision Time!

Now we bring up the first Decision screen for this episode. Like all Decision screens, it shows the protagonist contemplating what to do, and a number of alternatives (2-4) float like thoughts around his/her head. When you roll the mouse over an alternative, you hear the protagonist's voice describe it, so you can understand the nuances of each alternative. You click on an alternative to select it as your decision. (For the demo, all the Decision screens will have voiceovers play on mouseover, but only one option will actually be clickable.)

Decision Time #1

VISUAL: JB, a bit angry.


1a. [make your boss cancel the transfer] "This is no good. I should go to my boss and make her cancel the transfer."

1b. [ask their co-workers about the feud] "What is going on between Lily and Trey? I'll ask some of their co-workers."

1c. [add Lily and Trey to your team as is] "They're talented people, so I'll accept them. Whatever's going on between 'em, let them iron it out."

1d. [review your team's tasks] "They're damaged goods. Do I have any tasks I dare let them do? I can check..."

1e. [accept them but try to end their feud] "I'll take them, but I'd better get this conflict of theirs resolved right away."

(script continues; it shows how decisions lead to outcomes and learning about conflict management)

-end of sample-