6th Harvest Week <> June 5 - 11, 2000

Farmer Tom's Kohlrabi Recipe

note: Tom did the recipe this week as I was having computer problems! - debbie

Since some of you probably still have your kohlrabi stored away in the fridge, and this week you are getting some more, here is a suggestion that the head chef from the Los Gatos Cafe passed on to me at the farmer's market. -Tom

Mashed Kohlrabi

Just like mashed potatoes. Trim the leaves off the bulb, slice it into two or four pieces and steam or boil until tender (about 15 min.) Mash kohlrabi into a puree, add a little milk, or butter, some salt and dip your finger into puree to taste. Yum!!

Most people I have asked how they prefer kohlrabi, answered, they liked it raw, sliced or grated.

So here you go, you have your choice, raw or mashed, either way, before we know it, it will be the vegetable of the month in Sunset and Bon Appetit.

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