5th Harvest Week <> May 29 - June 4, 2000

Lemon Tarragon Stuffed Eggs
Tarragon's an herb I never really used before, so I did a little hunting to find something simple but tasty to try it in. Hope you like it! - debbie
makes 12 stuffed eggs

6 hard-cooked large eggs, peeled
3 tbsp. mayonnaise
1 large shallot, minced (or use garlic)
1/2 tsp. Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp. grated fresh lemon zest
3/4 tsp. fresh lemon juice
2 tsp. minced fresh tarragon leaves

Carefully halve eggs, removing yolks to a bowl and whites to a plate. Mash yolks with a fork and add remaining ingredients, mixing thoroughly. Add salt & pepper to taste. Spoon yolk mixture evenly back into whites (or use a pastry bag if you're that equipped and inclined). Refrigerate. Serve chilled.

Ethiopian Beet-Potato Salad with Lemon
from Meskerem Restaurant, Wash. D.C.
serves 4

1/2 onion, chopped
1/4 C fresh lemon juice (1 med. lemon)
3 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 jalapeno chili, seeded, minced
1 lb. beets (appx. four 2" diameter),
 tops & roots trimmed, gently washed
1 lb. potatoes (match beet volume),
scrubbed, skins left on

Combine onion, lemon juice, jalapeno & oil in a large bowl. Set aside. Cook potatoes & beets in separate large pans of boiling salted water until just tender: about 30 min. for the potatoes, 45 min. for the beets. Drain. Cool slightly. Peel & cube beets, cube potatoes and add both to lemon mixture, tossing to coat. Season generously w/salt & pepper. Serve warm or at room temperature.

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