2nd Harvest Week <> May 8 - 14, 2000

Fresh Fava Beans!

These babies are great. I only learned about them myself 2 yrs. ago when a market vendor gave me a few pods to try. I think you'll like 'em too.

Simplest preparation: Shell the beans (compost the pods). Drop shelled beans into boiling salted water & cook only one minute. Remove w/slotted spoon to a dish, sprinkle with salt, put dish on table and eat 'em warm. They taste similar to edamame (fresh soy beans). Some cooks slip the skins off the beans after boiling, but I find that when they're fresh and not that big, it is unnecessary. Your choice.

From there, favas can be used many ways. Cook as above, then saute with a bit of green garlic and eat as a side dish or toss w/pasta. Use your imagination for additions to pasta: sundried tomatoes, chopped greens, onion, sausage or ?? Think: "primavera".  And don't forget the fresh parmesan!

Asian Greens and Mushroom Stir-Fry
side-dish for 4

Okay, I'm making this one up as I go along, but I know these flavors all go together nicely!

Bag of mixed asian greens
Large handful of mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
olive oil for sauteeing
few cloves of garlic (or head of green garlic) minced
soy sauce (or fish sauce!)
sesame oil (optional)

Sizzle garlic in hot oil, add 'shrooms & saute until juicy. Add greens & saute 'til just wilted but still bright. Season with soy sauce & sesame oil & serve hot w/rice or other cooked grains.

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