5th Harvest Week <> June 7 - 13, 1999

Scalloped Potatoes with Gouda & Fennel
from Bon Appetit Magazine, Oct 91
serves 6

1 C ea. of whipping cream, half & half
1 med. fennel bulb, trimmed, halved and thinly sliced
1 tsp. fennel seeds, crushed
2 lbs. potatoes (peeled if you like)
2 C firmly packed shredded Gouda (approx 8 oz.)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Generously butter 8x8-inch glass baking dish. Combine cream, half & half, fresh fennel & fennel seeds in heavy large skillet. Thinly slice potatoes & add to skillet. Bring mixture to boil over high heat, stirring frequently to separate vegetables slices. Boil 5 min. Season generously w/ salt & pepper. Transfer half of potato mixture to prepared baking dish. Sprinkle half of Gouda over that. Top with remaining potato mixture & firmly press down. Sprinkle remaining Gouda over top. Cover dish tightly with foil. Bake until potatoes are tender, about 40 min. Uncover & bake until top is golden brown, about 10 min. longer. Let stand 10 min. before serving.

Carrot, Fennel & Orange Soup
from Gourmet Magazine, Apr 96
Makes about 8 cups

1 med. fennel bulb, sliced (save fronds)
2 tbsp. unsalted butter
4 C sliced carrots (appx. 1 1/2 lbs)
1 garlic clove, sliced thin
6 C water
1 tsp. salt, or to taste
1/3 C fresh orange juice
1/4 C sour cream

In a 3 qt. heavy saucepan, cook fennel slices over med. heat, stirring, until soft & beginning to turn golden. Add carrots & garlic, stir & cook 1 min. Add water & salt, simmer, covered, 20 min. until carrots are tender. Puree mixture in a blender (in batches) w/ OJ & sour cream until smooth. Salt & pepper to taste. Transfer back to pan and reheat (do not boil). Serve garnished with fennel fronds.

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