27th Harvest Week <> Nov. 8 - 14, 1999

I know leeks are coming...they may not be in this week's box, but they'll be here soon! So, in anticipation of the cooler weather & the arrival of leeks...
Potato-Leek Soup

3 to 4 med. potatoes, scrubbed and diced, w/skins (2 to 2 1/2 cups?)
3 medium leeks (or equiv.), white and light green part only, rinsed thoroughly to remove all dirt, diced
3 to 4 cups chicken or vegetable broth
butter for sauteeing
white pepper
milk or cream

Saute leeks in butter until translucent. Simmer potatoes in broth until tender (about 20 min.). Add leeks to potatoes and their broth, and allow to cool a bit. Puree potato/leek/broth mixture in a blender, thinning with milk or cream as desired. Return to pan & heat through, adding white pepper and nutmeg to taste. Serves 4. (This is an extremely flexible and forgiving recipe. You almost can't mess it up!)
Note: for a nice touch, try sauteeing up some diced red pepper and garnish each bowl of soup with some of this! Its very pretty, and tastes good too.

Simple Beet-Apple Salad

Raw beets and fresh apples, in equal quantities
Butter or red leaf lettuce
Crumbled blue cheese (optional)

Peel and grate raw beets into a bowl. Quarter, seed, peel and grate an equal proportion of apples into same bowl & stir to combine. Arrange a large lettuce leaf (or a few smaller ones) on each plate and top w/a scoop of beet/apple mixture. Crumble fresh blue cheese on top of this (not necessary, but is sure tastes good this way)! Note: if the apples are bland, you can perk this up with a teaspoon or two of cider vinegar or apple juice.

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