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Update 12/12/2012 -- Yup, this is a pretty basic HTML page these days... but I'm keeping it intact for archival purposes. So much on the web is so new now (this was cutting edge eleven years ago!) that I find it comforting to still be able to see this in the context of when it was created, back in 2001. - Cheers, Debbie Palmer

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A few things:

I have been doing the recipe column for Live Earth Farm's weekly CSA newsletter since 1998. The recipes come from many sources -- cookbooks, friends, my extensive (and always growing!) magazine and newspaper clippings file, old 3x5 cards (yep, I used to keep recipes this way!), and of course my own fevered, food-focused imagination.

In the early years, there were space limitations in the paper version of the newsletter. I often had to carefully edit recipes down to fit, so sometimes instructions in those earlier recipes may seem clipped, but I assure you that no key information was ever omitted.

The one thing which is not present in some of the earlier recipes is their source -- usually for space reasons (getting the complete recipe to fit always took precedence over identifying where it came from), but sometimes because I simply do not have it. I've been clipping recipes for years for my own use, and never used to pay much attention to keeping track of where they came from -- I was just interested in the recipe! (I try to be more mindful about it these days though... credit where credit is due; it's only fair.)

So just so you know, the recipes in this website dating from 1998 and 1999 appear basically as they did in the paper newsletter, i.e. I didn't restore them to their full length if I originally edited them down as described above. From 2000 forward though (i.e. the year I started this website), I've been posting the recipes after preparing the 'print' version for the newsletter, so sometimes I've embellished the online versions, 'cause I had the space to do so!

And then in 2001 I became Newsletter Editor, so I've been posting the newsletters themselves online as well. *click here to view the newsletters*

Since my job as CSA recipe maven is to find recipes that utilize veggies found in one's share box (especially the unfamiliar ones, and ones we get lots of during the season), I've organized them so that they are searchable by key ingredient. I find this helps immensely when searching for inspiration for yet another way to cook kale or potatoes... !

if you're still reading at this point, I imagine you're ready to go to that recipe database now!

New starting in 2003: Veggie Pictures! Some people have commented that they get items in their boxes they can't identify, so I'm working on a pictorial database. As new items come into season, I will document them with pictures and then add the pictures to the 'key ingredient' list in the recipe database. I'm hoping this will be a useful reference! If you see and like this feature, let me know?

And of course if you have a question, comment, or recipe you'd like to share with your fellow CSA members in a future newsletter, please email me. I'd love to hear from you!

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