Driv3r: Vegas


With a rating by IGN of 8.6 (GREAT) and an Editor's Award from WGWorld.com, Driv3r: Vegas is a worthy successor to Glu's wildly popular Driv3r. It raised the bar for storytelling in cell phone games: Jericho, a major villain, finally runs out of road in Driv3r: Vegas - probably the first time a major story arc is concluded exclusively on the mobile platform.

game writer (integrated mission and story texts)
GAME TYPE: cell phone game
GENRE: racing/action
LICENSE: Driv3r by Atari
create a story using characters from Atari's highly successful Driv3r franchise, suited to excellent gameplay on the cell phone platform
HIS CLIENT: Glu (formerly Sorrent)
YEAR: 2005

"A dedicated sequel to the console game... Sin City is the perfect location for Tanner's grim revenge quest... tells an interesting yarn through succinct dialogue... if players want to find out what happened to Tanner, they need to hunker down with their handsets. I recommend it heartily"

- LEVI BUCHANAN, ign.com